Monday, September 20, 2010

Have you filled a bucket today?

Today we began a new "program" in our classroom!  This summer as part of our school's professional development, we read the book How Full is Your Bucket?, after discovering the kids' version of the book, I knew I had to implement it in our classroom!

Today during our theme time, we read the kids' version!  We discussed how to be "bucket fillers" and not "bucket dippers."  During center time we labeled our "buckets" and added them to our wall beside the smartboard! We also brainstormed a list of how you can be a "bucket filler," here is what the kids came up with:
  • Having nice manners
  • Sharing with a friend
  • Helping a friend when they get hurt
  • Making someone feel better when they are sad/mad
Beginning tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be able to add "drops" into our classmates' buckets.  When a friend is doing one of the above listed things, they can come to me and ask for a drop (sparkly puff ball) to put in that friends' bucket!

As we continue this throughout the year, we will add more ways to add drops into our buckets!  This is another way to help build community within our classroom family!  Once someone's bucket is full, we will empty the drops out and they will get to add a sticker to the outside of their bucket!

Have a great day being a "bucket filler!"

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