Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shapes, shapes, everywhere!

This week we've been learning all about shapes!  We have done SO MANY different activities, here is a picture adventure through a few! :)

We completed a shape book that you will find in your Friday folder!
Lily and Ella Cate are coloring their book above!

Hanna Grace and Semaj

Kadarious and Moses

Ford is reading his shape book!

Liam and Hyunie made a house using different shapes in the block center!

We made webs of each shape to hang in our classroom!

We voted on our favorite shape!
Which one won?

We made shape collages for our Math Journal.
Kadarious and Autumn


Liam and Peter

This week we also worked to complete our first class big book.  We adapted our own version of Dayle Ann Dodd's The Shape of Things.  Above Ella Cate is painting the border to our pages.
The book isn't quite finished yet, I will post pictures when we are done!

Grace and Emily drew and colored the cover of our book!

Happy shape hunting!

ABC exchange!!

If you've been reading our newsletter, you know that our class is participating in an ABC exchange with teachers across the United States.  I found this program through a fellow teacher's blog!  We have been working dilligently to complete our letters (G) and get them all ready to be mailed.  I thought I'd share a few with you!  Each child has painted glue on a letter G and sprinkled glitter on it!  We have also received the letters I, S, E and F so far!  Once they are all in, we will make a class book to look at in our big book or reading center!
Lily is gluing her "G."

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, September 24, 2012


We are so excited to announce the newest member of classroom family...SAMMY!  Sammy is our class hamster!  He joined us on Thursday.  Each day we can visit him in the Science Center and then the helpers get to feed and water him during rest time.  Next week we will start getting him out in his ball each afternoon!

Grace, Emily and Kadarious visiting Sammy

The children came up with these rules (I even tried to steer them into the positive (but they love to say DO NOT)! :)


He did not like the flash! :)

With my best,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A GREAT new song!!!

Each afternoon we either read a book or sing a new song during our character education time before we leave!  The kids LOVE the Sesame Street Will.I.Am song that is embedded on the right hand column of our blog.  We sing this a lot!  This morning, YouTube must have had some maintenance and the link went to a different Sesame Street song.  It turned out to be just as great!  We have played it several times today and the kids are so excited to share it with you!  I hope you will enjoy listening and singing this evening! :)

Don't give up, and have a great afternoon! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Special visitors...

Part of our day is something we called Shared Journal.  In a typical shared journal hour, we share two stories, vote on the one we want to write about and then write/illustrate that story in our journals.  You can click HERE to read more about the entire Shared Journal process!

In the month of August, and first week of September we wrote about topics such as "What did you do in Music today?  What is your favorite center?"  This week in preparation for sharing, we had some very special visitors come to our classroom.

On Monday, Nurse Kecia came in to introduce herself and tell us what she does to keep us safe and healthy.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Folmar came in to introduce themselves and tell us what they do to help the teachers and students of AEEC!

On Wednesday, Mrs. Diane from the cafeteria came in to introduce herself and tell us what she does to help us have food for breakfast and lunch!

Thursday is Mr. Carl our janitor, and Friday is Mrs. Daniel, our school counselor!  More pictures to come! :)

Happy Wednesday!
With my best,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last week we completed our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom name trees (they are displayed in our room, you can see them on Curriculum Night)!
Avery and Moses are working!

Peter and Za'Marian


They are so cute hanging up!

We also completed an emergent reader that you found in your Friday folder! :)


Peter and Ford

And last, but not least, we completed an "All About Me" house glyph! 

This is the key.

Hannah Grace

Grace and Hunter

Have a great evening! 

The first week of kindergarten!

I am going to be playing catch-up for a few days!  Here are some pictures of our first week of kindergarten! :)  This class is absolutely PRECIOUS and I am so excited for the year ahead!

We are having SO MUCH FUN! :)
Stay tuned for more pics! 
With my best,