Sunday, February 26, 2012

Green Pod Lunch

Our sweet child nutrition staff worked with our pod to create a lunch that went a long with our theme--"The Great Outdoors."  We came up with hotdogs, beans, s'mores, trail mix, etc. They even served the lunch on little tin pans! Wednesday was our special lunch and it was SO CUTE!  Here are a few pictures of their adventure (a big thanks to Mrs. Roberts for taking photos)!

Here they are walking in--you can tell they see the decorations and are excited!

Look at sweet Kenzie with her "bubble" in her mouth!

Grayson, Gabriel, Riley and Tatum pose by the alligator!

The lunch line.

The plants were such a perfect touch!
Thank you so much to our CNP staff for an AMAZING lunch!  They will never forget it! :)

With my best,

Squirrel Construction

Squirrel Construction!
This week we signed up for groups to begin squirrel construction.  We had the following "crews:"
1.  Design Crew-they are responsible for creating the plan for construction.  They decide how we will make the squirrel, what materials, how big, etc.
2.  Construction Crew-this crew puts the squirrel together (including tearing paper, stuffing, etc.)
3.  Painting Crew
4.  Writing crew-they write facts to display with our finished project!

Mary Margaret and Riley are working on cutting out the body and the tail.

The squirrel's body

Elizabeth Kate and Tatum were in charge of painting the tail.

Andy and Greyson were in charge of painting the body.

Kenzie added the eyes to our squirrel (the design crew voted on "googly" eyes or drawn eyes, and surprisingly drawn-on eyes won!

Since a tree was not with the design crew's original plan, we took volunteers to construct our last-minute tree.  When we began constructing, I questioned for a while on "where will the squirrel go?" hoping they would suggest a tree, or something of that nature.  Finally at the end of the project, when we were about to "hang it up," it hit them! :)

If you can see, he has a "nest" that he is sitting in!

Close up

Grayson was the only one on the writing crew that I got a good picture of! 

Our finished project!

A close-up of one of the facts!  
"Squirrels eat bugs, bird eggs, acorns, seeds, pine cones, fruit, leaves, nuts, twigs, bark, mushrooms, and anything that smells good."

With my best,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our EGGciting adventure begins!

Yesterday we received our EGGS in the mail!  The kids were so excited!  We unwrapped each egg very carefully and placed them in the box to sit overnight.  The eggs are supposed to sit for at least 12 hours before incubating them.  We got our incubator all ready, watched it all day, making sure it was at a constant temperature!  Here are a few pictures of the eggs so far!  We are SO EXCITED to begin this adventure!  We hope you will follow along with us! :)
Here is our box!

They were packed so nicely! 

This is how they "slept" throughout the night!  When we arrive this morning, a few were closer together?  We are researching if they could have moved by themselves RIGHT NOW! :)

Our incubation center.

Russ is putting an egg in.



Stella and Elizabeth Kate also got to put an egg in but I took a video (and they are too big)!
Some of the kids have been SUPER interested in the eggs.  Asking "when are they going to be here?" each day, and others have not been affected yet.  So the way we chose who could put an egg into the incubator was first, you had to be in your center quietly working. Second, you had to have asked (only 7 did, so I chose #8!)! :)

Here are our precious chicks in their warm incubator! 
Day 21 has begun!
Happy Hatching!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week in review...

This week is flying by!  It's already Thursday and I'm just now posting...sorry for the delay!  Here is what we've been up to this week...
As part of our phasing out rest time, one day we did a mitten math problem.

Naveah and Charlesha working together.

Mary Margaret and R.J.

Andy and Tatum

Elizabeth Kate

When we returned from our winter break, we read the book The After Christmas Tree and planned on making bird feeders.  After we collected enough toilet paper rolls, we finally got to do them!  We will go on the nature trail tomorrow and hang them on branches for the birds!

Russ and Kenzie "painting" peanut butter!

Grayson and Riley

Thanks to the fabulous Mrs. Eberhart, we made little groundhogs to graph our prediction for what Phil would do!  I will post a picture of our graph tomorrow after one more friend completes his groundhog!

The finished groundhog.

Greyson, Gabriel and Andy are all working so dilligently!

And last but not least, we made these little groundhog puppets out of cups! :)

Happy Groundhog Day!
With my best,