Friday, March 16, 2012

A very sad goodbye...

Today is a very sad day for our class!  The baby chicks are leaving today and going to their new home.  Here are a few (and you know by "a few," I mean A LOT) pictures from this week...
Bella Grace's class came by to see the babies!

This is a picture shortly after we put them in their new box!

We got to hold them!

I love this face!!

How sweet!

Sweet Kenzie


Gabriel and Greyson

I found the cutest life cycle to make.  Some of them are hanging in the gallery and some are in our room!

The kids could not come up with names (we had about 20 for each chicken, and if you vote for the one you suggested, we have a 20-way tie!)!  So here are the names Mrs. Kimbrell came up with that we call them! :)

The "blonde" one is Farrah Fawcett (reasoning--the lab student who came in first on Thursday morning and discovered them, thought of this name and it stuck)!  We just call her Farrah!

This is Little Bit.  She is the tiniest of them all!

Middle child (born right in the middle of the 5).

Bright Eyes--she was the first born and has the biggest eyes.

Big Daddy--he/she has feathers on his/her feet!  And hatched from the big brown egg!

Big Daddy and Little Bit are the best of friends, even putting their wings around each other!!!!

Red Trapazoid saying goodbye!

Yellow Rhombus

Blue Circle

Green Triangle

Blue Hexagon

I could NOT resist them in an Easter basket!!!  They weren't too happy though, this was the only picture with all five in the basket!

We've had such a great time with our babies!  We will miss them dearly! :)
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our babies...

Here is a picture of our babies!  We are growing a little too attached to them at this point! :)
They are getting some of their mature feathers (around their little wings)!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More baby chicks!

After I posted this morning, we've had two more baby chicks hatch!  Our assortment of eggs had 6 beige eggs, 1 green/blue egg, and 1 dark, dark brown egg.  The kids were just dying to see the dark brown chick!  He/she was the biggest and heaviest egg!  Here are two videos of him/her hatching! :)  And the chick is definitely by far the biggest! 

This chick hatched the quickest and we are wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that one of the baby chicks was laying on/beside it?!?! :)

Excuse my video-camera techniques in this one, I tried to scan and show the other babies and it seems a little sporatic! :)

We still have three eggs left!  We are keeping our fingers crossed for them to hatch soon! :)

With my best,

The baby chicks are HERE!!!

Last night my family and I had dinner at school because at the end of the day we had two chicks with holes in their shells.  I didn't want to miss it.  When we had to go, I set the Ipod to video as long as it would, but nothing happened until early this morning!  When I arrived at school we had THREE babies walking around, and a fourth was almost ready!  Sadly I didn't get a video of the three, but I did get the latest!!  Enjoy!
More pictures and videos to come!!!
I split it up in two videos in hopes that we could post quicker, but they are simultaneous! :)

Happy Hatching Day!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!!!!

Today is day 21 in our hatching adventure!  We've done everything you're supposed to do and now we are WAITING! :)  When I came in this morning I checked on them, and as I was walking away I heard a CHIRP!!!!!   It is so nice to know at least one of them is okay!  After being so careful with them, turning them 2-3 times a day (even on weekends), and becoming so attached--I was so excited I could hardly stand it!   So we've been so quiet all day and we heard them chirping to each other in their shells...but no hatching yet!  I bet those little boogers will wait until tonight!  I promise to post lots and lots of pics and videos as soon as they hatch! 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Walk About Puppets

On Friday we had the AMAZING Bob Parsons, from "Walk About Puppets!"  He came and presented "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."  We always love when he visits!  Here is a picture/video walk through our adventure...

With my best,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss

Yesterday we began our Dr. Seuss author study!  We have enjoyed learning about him and reading as many books as we can!  Each day we read a special book and had a special snack to go along with it! :)  A HUGE thank you to our parents who sent in the most INCREDIBLE snacks each day so we can make this week EXTRA special! :)

We watched as short video on Dr. Seuss here...

Green Eggs and Ham from Braden!

I found this GREAT coloring activity that the kids LOVED!

To end our celebratory week on Dr. Seuss, Mary Margaret's mom made the most AMAZING cake I've ever seen!!!!!  We loved it!

Sadly my camera is not cooperating and I cannot get the other two snack pictures off :( but sweet Stillman's mom made us 1 Fish 2 Fish jello cups on Monday (the picture above is the set I made for my daughter's class), and then Tuesday we had Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes from Jackson!  

Thanks again to all of our wonderful parents! :)

We hope you had a great birthday celebration for Dr. Seuss!
With my best,