Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A very exciting package arrived today!!!!

After our Thanksgiving lunch, we received a phone call from the office about a package that was waiting!  Once we got it back in the room, we found out it was from our pen pals in Michigan!!  Mrs. Melero and her class outdid themselves with this package!  Just take a look at our goodies...

The GIANT box!

Oh my goodness!  We received books, stickers, a class book with real pictures from their school, letters, a tiger cub, magnet and bookmark!

They are the husky pups!

Page 1 of our lettter!

Page 2 of our letter!

Each child wrote a letter to our friends!

Bookmark and magnet.

Our very own tiger cub mascot for our classroom!!  He is too cute!

Thank you so much husky pups!  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and your package will arrive soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving lunch today! 

We set our table!

Our beautiful placemats.

We are lined up ready to go get our lunches!

We all went around the table and said one thing we were thankful for!

Look at those precious pilgrims!
Now, we voted on whether we wanted to do just pilgrims, just native americans, or a combination of both...and ALL PILGRIMS won!  However, once we saw a few other classes with native american headbands on, we were a little sad! :)

 I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving break! 
Please know how thankful I am for each of you! :)
Love Always,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Practicing those sight words...

Each day the kids ask if we are working on sight words again for shared reading!  I try to incorporate them into every shared reading lesson but since the class as a whole LOVES them SO MUCH, here are some more ideas and activities you can try at home to keep it fresh! :)

Many of you may have something like the Glow Station, Aquadoodle, or Magnadoodle 
and these are great for practicing!

Combine bath time and learning time!

Have a yummy breakfast or snack and spell those sight words!

Cut out words or letters to build the sight word list!

Find a cute font and let them type!

Write the words on sticky notes and use a chopstick or ruler for a pointer.

Use sidewalk chalk on these beautiful fall days to practice!

I hope you can use some of these activities to make learning fun!
Have a great week!

Friday, November 19, 2010


This week we completed our first REAL letter to our pen pals in Michigan!  We are learning the parts of a letter and post office procedures.  As an introduction I thought it might be easier for them to fill in the blanks on our first letter.  Here is one of them...
Each child has 1-2 pen pals from Mrs. Melero's class.  She has 26 friends in her class, so 6 of us have two special friends to write to!  We spend every other Friday working on our pen pal letters during our shared journal time!  The kids have decided that we need to take a class trip to the school's mailbox on Monday to mail our package! :)

Also, for the past few weeks, Mrs. Anderson's group of friends have been completing a book called "I am Thankful."  We received our finished book today and here are the pages!

Olivia: I am thankful for my friends in Colorado.

Olivia: I am thankful for my sisters.

Christian: I am thankful for my friends.

Christian: I am thankful for my family.

Amelia: I am thankful for Mrs. Kimbrell.

Amelia: I am thankful for my mom and dad.

Have great weekend!

Thanksgiving and Frogs...

Oddly enough, we have been learning about frogs during our theme time in the morning and then working on our research questions.  But for shared reading we are learning about Thanksgiving!  Very confusing, I know but the kids are having a blast! :)
Here are our frog activities we've been doing...

We started with our frog life cycle page for our "Big Backyard" Factbook:




This is our web of what we know about frogs.

Turkey Handprints

They aren't quite finished, we have to add the turkey's features (feet, "gobbler," eye, beak) and mount on construction paper then laminate!

Lastly, sweet Amelia was working so hard in the gear center today for a long time and she was so proud of her patterns, we just had to take a special picture! :)

  Don't forget we only have school on Monday and Tuesday of next week!  Also, your child's Friday folder is full of important information that needs to be returned on Monday!
Have a great weekend!