Monday, November 1, 2010


As you know the children voted to learn all about pumpkins!  When we voted, the scarecrow came in a close second so we decided that we would make him to go with our pumpkin patch too!
I think he turned out too cute!

Thank you to Brenden for the overalls and Rosie for the straw hat!
Madeline drew and stuffed the head!

Stuffing the body.

Liberty and Charlesha cutting our "hay."

Rosie and Brenden

Abby and Cooper


Levi and Quin

Ally and Zehra

We finished up scarecrows by completing our "Scarecrow Glyph!"

Our finished scarecrows are now hanging in the gallery!
Zehra, Rosie, Andy and Marcus went to a small group media lesson on scarecrows!
Have a great day!

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