Friday, November 5, 2010

Fabulous, Fun, Friday!

Let me preface this post by saying it will be a mod podge of different things from today! :)
We started our morning with an assembly in the Tiger's Den to find out how much money we raised at our Trike Ride.  It was an astonishing $25,000 for our school!  Thank you again to all who helped make this a wonderful fundraiser!  Here are a few pictures of our assembly...
We found out who was the top boy fundraiser and top girl--they won a brand new bicycle!

Next, we found out how much we raised!
And our principal, Mrs. Johnson, and assistant principal, Mrs. Folmar PROMISED that if we met our $25,000 goal, they would SPRAY PAINT THEIR HAIR!!!!!!

They look a little nervous! :)
Green and Purple!  What amazing principals we have!!!!

We also found out our brand new Tiger Cub mascot's NEW name!!!!!!

And last but not least, today we read a book called Houdini Was... that Christian and his family purchased for our class at this week's bookfair, and it touched our hearts so much!  It is about a class hamster that is an escape artist (remind you of anyone we know?)!  It warmed our hearts so much that next week we will be sending it home (just like our class books) for you to read as a family!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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