Monday, April 25, 2011

ABC Days...

On Friday we had our "D" Dance Party day and sweet Olivia's mom came in to do Zumba with the kids!  Here are a few pictures...

Today was our "E" Entertainment Day!  The kids prepared a 3 minute talent to share with the class.  We borrowed our "stage" from Mrs. H!  Some of our friends were a little too shy to participate, but a lot of them did!  They were so cute!  Since I took so many pictures, I thought I'd do a Smilebox video for you!  Enjoy!

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Happy Monday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day!
We've had a great Earth Day so far!  This morning during centers we had our Earth Day book exchange!  And for a special treat, I found an extremely generous person from the Auburn Univeristy Ecology Preserve, Jennifer Lolley, who donated baby pine seedlings to all of our friends!!!  Each child will take one home in honor of Earth Day to plant.  We will also plant a class tree on Monday! :)

We had so many great books!

Cooper and Christian

Kinsley and Kate (visiting shoppers from E. Jones' class)

Nathan, Abby and Olivia

Marcus and Ally

Quin and Andy

Pierce and Madeline

Amelia and Levi

Rosie and Brenden

Once again, sorry for the fuzziness!  Here is the label I put in their "new" books!

Our long-leaf pine seedlings!

They are so excited!

Happy Earth Day!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ABC Days A-C...

So far this week, we've had "A" Day-Bring a stuffed animal to school, "B" Day-Bubbles/Butterfly Day, and "C" Day-Crazy hair!  I am so sorry I didn't get great pictures of today's hair, OR Monday's stuffed animals!  I promise to do better! :)

A-Stuffed Animals

B-Bubbles/Let our Butteflies GO!

Thank you to Amelia for sending in bubbles for the whole class!




My goal here was to have a class picture filled with bubbles, but the wind was blowing! :( 
It still turned out cute!

Watching our butterflies fly away...

C-Crazy Hair

Madeline had some cute pony tails!

Rosie also had 3 ponytails!

Some friends had a mo-hawk, braids, clown hair, and Mrs. Kimbrell had pig tails! :)
Tomorrow is "D" Dance Party Day and Olivia's mom is coming to do ZUMBA with the kids!  How fun!


Earth Day Activities...

Here are a few of our Earth Day Activities from this week...

On Monday and Tuesday we completed a math journal entry with an Earth Day word problem!

On Wednesday and Thursday we labeled the land and water on the Earth and filled it in with tissue paper.

Also on Thursday we watched a great video/song about the "3 R's" and talked about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. 

Here is the video...

The kids love it!

Sorry it is blurry--we receieved stickers on Thursday to show our parents we know the 3 R's!

Finally, each day this week, the kids were asked to bring in a piece of trash!  They took their "trash" and transformed it into something else.  Ally made a laptop computer out of an old box and magazing pictures!  It was great! :)

I will be doing another post on our ABC days for this week!
Have a great afternoon!
Mrs. Kimbrell's Class

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day Book Swap--Don't Forget...

Don't forget to send in your child's book for our Earth Day Book Swap!!  Tomorrow is the last day!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day Activities (in Auburn)...

I stumbled upon this fantastic opportunity for Earth Day that I had to share!  I hope to see you there!!!

Earth Day Celebration!
Children's activities and Raptor Release at the Preserve.
Friday, April 22nd.
Children's Activities at 4:30.
Live Raptor Release at 5:30.
FREE to public.
Join us to celebrate Earth Day with some fun earth activities for the kids at 4:30. At 5:30 p.m. the team from Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center will release birds back to the wild after having been injured and rehabilitated.

You can go to the Ecology Preserve's website for more information or to see more upcoming events!

Have a great Tuesday evening! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fiction and Non-Fiction...

For shared reading this week we are learning all about Fiction and Non-Fiction books!  Each day we will read one fiction and one non-fiction book both on the same topic and then try to decide which is which.  We are also utilizing a great program: Scholastic's BookFlix to help us with this!   This is a great site that has electronic books (ebooks as we call them) based by category, one fiction and one non-fiction with the same subject!  I am double-checking with our media specialist to see if I can give you the username/password (depending on licensing issues) and will email you asap!  In the mean time, you can request a free trial!  So I hope you check it out! :)

Christian was so interested in the different types of books, here is his blog post...

"today we stordid lrning ubaowt fiksin and non fiksin books.  fikshin books are ubaowt mak beleve stores.  non fiksin books are ubaowt facks."
Today we started learning about fiction and non-fiction books.  Fiction books are about make believe stories.  Non fiction books are about facts."

This is our "Fiction" bucket.

"Non-Fiction" bucket 

Christian is putting the books we read today in the correct buckets.

We are doing some VERY neat Earth Day activities this week!  Be on the look out for those postings! :)
Have a great Monday afternoon!

ABC Days...

Don't forget tomorrow begins our end-of-the-year ABC days!  Here they are for you once more...

ABC Days
April 19:          A-Animal Day (bring a small stuffed animal to school)
April 20:         B-Bubbles Day
April 21:          C-Crazy Hair Day
April 22:         D-Dance Party Day
April 25:         E-Entertainment Day (we will have a talent show-help your child rehearse a special talent to perform on stage in front of the class-no more than 3 minutes)
April 26:         F-Favorite Book Day (bring in your favorite book to share with the class)
April 27:         G-Game Day (bring in your favorite board game—not electronic)
April 28:         H-Hat Day (wear a hat to school)
April 29:         I-Ice Cream Day
May 2  :           J-Jump Rope Contest Day
May 3:             K-Kindness Day (you can earn a special reward if you are the most kind friend)
May 4:             L-Lollipop Day
May 5:             M-Mismatched Day (wear clothes/socks/shoes that do not match)
May 6:             N-Nature Walk Day
May 9:             O-Outdoor Day
May 10:           P-Picnic Lunch Outside Day
May 11:           Q-Quiet (We’re watching a movie) Day
May 12:           R-Read Outside Day
May 13:           S-Sunglasses Day (bring a pair of sunglasses to school)
May 16:           T-Take a trip to 1st Grade Day
May 17:           U-Unusual Item Day (bring in something “unusual” to share)
May 18:           V-Video Day (we will watch an educational video)
May 19:           W-Wash our tables (with SHAVING CREAM) Day
May 20:          X-EXCITING Surprise Day
May 23:          Y-Year End Party Day (parent breakfast)
May 24:          Z-ZOOM out of school Day

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today while we were working on our nonsense-word Easter egg game (pictures below), something extraordinary happened...our butterflies began to "hatch" from their chrysilis'! 

Our Butterfly Garden

Our first butterfly!!!!

The rest of the chrysilis' hanging from the top!

Easter Egg Nonsense Word Game

Miss Craig found the cutest eggs!

Christian and Akaylin

Charlesha and Nathan




Marcus and Pierce

Rosie and Andy

Cooper and Rosie

This is the sheet they used in their job journal to record the nonsense words!

Happy Thursday!