Thursday, April 21, 2011

ABC Days A-C...

So far this week, we've had "A" Day-Bring a stuffed animal to school, "B" Day-Bubbles/Butterfly Day, and "C" Day-Crazy hair!  I am so sorry I didn't get great pictures of today's hair, OR Monday's stuffed animals!  I promise to do better! :)

A-Stuffed Animals

B-Bubbles/Let our Butteflies GO!

Thank you to Amelia for sending in bubbles for the whole class!




My goal here was to have a class picture filled with bubbles, but the wind was blowing! :( 
It still turned out cute!

Watching our butterflies fly away...

C-Crazy Hair

Madeline had some cute pony tails!

Rosie also had 3 ponytails!

Some friends had a mo-hawk, braids, clown hair, and Mrs. Kimbrell had pig tails! :)
Tomorrow is "D" Dance Party Day and Olivia's mom is coming to do ZUMBA with the kids!  How fun!


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