Monday, April 18, 2011

ABC Days...

Don't forget tomorrow begins our end-of-the-year ABC days!  Here they are for you once more...

ABC Days
April 19:          A-Animal Day (bring a small stuffed animal to school)
April 20:         B-Bubbles Day
April 21:          C-Crazy Hair Day
April 22:         D-Dance Party Day
April 25:         E-Entertainment Day (we will have a talent show-help your child rehearse a special talent to perform on stage in front of the class-no more than 3 minutes)
April 26:         F-Favorite Book Day (bring in your favorite book to share with the class)
April 27:         G-Game Day (bring in your favorite board game—not electronic)
April 28:         H-Hat Day (wear a hat to school)
April 29:         I-Ice Cream Day
May 2  :           J-Jump Rope Contest Day
May 3:             K-Kindness Day (you can earn a special reward if you are the most kind friend)
May 4:             L-Lollipop Day
May 5:             M-Mismatched Day (wear clothes/socks/shoes that do not match)
May 6:             N-Nature Walk Day
May 9:             O-Outdoor Day
May 10:           P-Picnic Lunch Outside Day
May 11:           Q-Quiet (We’re watching a movie) Day
May 12:           R-Read Outside Day
May 13:           S-Sunglasses Day (bring a pair of sunglasses to school)
May 16:           T-Take a trip to 1st Grade Day
May 17:           U-Unusual Item Day (bring in something “unusual” to share)
May 18:           V-Video Day (we will watch an educational video)
May 19:           W-Wash our tables (with SHAVING CREAM) Day
May 20:          X-EXCITING Surprise Day
May 23:          Y-Year End Party Day (parent breakfast)
May 24:          Z-ZOOM out of school Day

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the ideas! Good luck as you finish out the year!

  2. I love this idea! Maybe I will try it next year. Thank you!

  3. I love your idea as a new kindergarten teacher...thanks for sharing!!!