Monday, April 18, 2011

Fiction and Non-Fiction...

For shared reading this week we are learning all about Fiction and Non-Fiction books!  Each day we will read one fiction and one non-fiction book both on the same topic and then try to decide which is which.  We are also utilizing a great program: Scholastic's BookFlix to help us with this!   This is a great site that has electronic books (ebooks as we call them) based by category, one fiction and one non-fiction with the same subject!  I am double-checking with our media specialist to see if I can give you the username/password (depending on licensing issues) and will email you asap!  In the mean time, you can request a free trial!  So I hope you check it out! :)

Christian was so interested in the different types of books, here is his blog post...

"today we stordid lrning ubaowt fiksin and non fiksin books.  fikshin books are ubaowt mak beleve stores.  non fiksin books are ubaowt facks."
Today we started learning about fiction and non-fiction books.  Fiction books are about make believe stories.  Non fiction books are about facts."

This is our "Fiction" bucket.

"Non-Fiction" bucket 

Christian is putting the books we read today in the correct buckets.

We are doing some VERY neat Earth Day activities this week!  Be on the look out for those postings! :)
Have a great Monday afternoon!

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