Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving and Frogs...

Oddly enough, we have been learning about frogs during our theme time in the morning and then working on our research questions.  But for shared reading we are learning about Thanksgiving!  Very confusing, I know but the kids are having a blast! :)
Here are our frog activities we've been doing...

We started with our frog life cycle page for our "Big Backyard" Factbook:




This is our web of what we know about frogs.

Turkey Handprints

They aren't quite finished, we have to add the turkey's features (feet, "gobbler," eye, beak) and mount on construction paper then laminate!

Lastly, sweet Amelia was working so hard in the gear center today for a long time and she was so proud of her patterns, we just had to take a special picture! :)

  Don't forget we only have school on Monday and Tuesday of next week!  Also, your child's Friday folder is full of important information that needs to be returned on Monday!
Have a great weekend!

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