Thursday, March 8, 2012

The baby chicks are HERE!!!

Last night my family and I had dinner at school because at the end of the day we had two chicks with holes in their shells.  I didn't want to miss it.  When we had to go, I set the Ipod to video as long as it would, but nothing happened until early this morning!  When I arrived at school we had THREE babies walking around, and a fourth was almost ready!  Sadly I didn't get a video of the three, but I did get the latest!!  Enjoy!
More pictures and videos to come!!!
I split it up in two videos in hopes that we could post quicker, but they are simultaneous! :)

Happy Hatching Day!!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE this! J was so excited to see them hatch!! Thank you for doing this...I know he will never forget it!!


  2. How WONDERFUL. I had never seen a dark one hatch. :) Thank you for sharing.

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