Sunday, February 26, 2012

Squirrel Construction

Squirrel Construction!
This week we signed up for groups to begin squirrel construction.  We had the following "crews:"
1.  Design Crew-they are responsible for creating the plan for construction.  They decide how we will make the squirrel, what materials, how big, etc.
2.  Construction Crew-this crew puts the squirrel together (including tearing paper, stuffing, etc.)
3.  Painting Crew
4.  Writing crew-they write facts to display with our finished project!

Mary Margaret and Riley are working on cutting out the body and the tail.

The squirrel's body

Elizabeth Kate and Tatum were in charge of painting the tail.

Andy and Greyson were in charge of painting the body.

Kenzie added the eyes to our squirrel (the design crew voted on "googly" eyes or drawn eyes, and surprisingly drawn-on eyes won!

Since a tree was not with the design crew's original plan, we took volunteers to construct our last-minute tree.  When we began constructing, I questioned for a while on "where will the squirrel go?" hoping they would suggest a tree, or something of that nature.  Finally at the end of the project, when we were about to "hang it up," it hit them! :)

If you can see, he has a "nest" that he is sitting in!

Close up

Grayson was the only one on the writing crew that I got a good picture of! 

Our finished project!

A close-up of one of the facts!  
"Squirrels eat bugs, bird eggs, acorns, seeds, pine cones, fruit, leaves, nuts, twigs, bark, mushrooms, and anything that smells good."

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