Sunday, February 26, 2012

Green Pod Lunch

Our sweet child nutrition staff worked with our pod to create a lunch that went a long with our theme--"The Great Outdoors."  We came up with hotdogs, beans, s'mores, trail mix, etc. They even served the lunch on little tin pans! Wednesday was our special lunch and it was SO CUTE!  Here are a few pictures of their adventure (a big thanks to Mrs. Roberts for taking photos)!

Here they are walking in--you can tell they see the decorations and are excited!

Look at sweet Kenzie with her "bubble" in her mouth!

Grayson, Gabriel, Riley and Tatum pose by the alligator!

The lunch line.

The plants were such a perfect touch!
Thank you so much to our CNP staff for an AMAZING lunch!  They will never forget it! :)

With my best,

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