Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week in review...

This week is flying by!  It's already Thursday and I'm just now posting...sorry for the delay!  Here is what we've been up to this week...
As part of our phasing out rest time, one day we did a mitten math problem.

Naveah and Charlesha working together.

Mary Margaret and R.J.

Andy and Tatum

Elizabeth Kate

When we returned from our winter break, we read the book The After Christmas Tree and planned on making bird feeders.  After we collected enough toilet paper rolls, we finally got to do them!  We will go on the nature trail tomorrow and hang them on branches for the birds!

Russ and Kenzie "painting" peanut butter!

Grayson and Riley

Thanks to the fabulous Mrs. Eberhart, we made little groundhogs to graph our prediction for what Phil would do!  I will post a picture of our graph tomorrow after one more friend completes his groundhog!

The finished groundhog.

Greyson, Gabriel and Andy are all working so dilligently!

And last but not least, we made these little groundhog puppets out of cups! :)

Happy Groundhog Day!
With my best,

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