Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our EGGciting adventure begins!

Yesterday we received our EGGS in the mail!  The kids were so excited!  We unwrapped each egg very carefully and placed them in the box to sit overnight.  The eggs are supposed to sit for at least 12 hours before incubating them.  We got our incubator all ready, watched it all day, making sure it was at a constant temperature!  Here are a few pictures of the eggs so far!  We are SO EXCITED to begin this adventure!  We hope you will follow along with us! :)
Here is our box!

They were packed so nicely! 

This is how they "slept" throughout the night!  When we arrive this morning, a few were closer together?  We are researching if they could have moved by themselves RIGHT NOW! :)

Our incubation center.

Russ is putting an egg in.



Stella and Elizabeth Kate also got to put an egg in but I took a video (and they are too big)!
Some of the kids have been SUPER interested in the eggs.  Asking "when are they going to be here?" each day, and others have not been affected yet.  So the way we chose who could put an egg into the incubator was first, you had to be in your center quietly working. Second, you had to have asked (only 7 did, so I chose #8!)! :)

Here are our precious chicks in their warm incubator! 
Day 21 has begun!
Happy Hatching!


  1. Your class is going to have so much fun and have such wonderful memories.

    Queen with Class

  2. Wow! What a nice setup you have! Where did you get this kit from?

  3. We just did this at my school and the kiddos were really excited about watching the eggs hatch! We they started hatching though they stunk up the whole room but it was well worth it!

    Have fun!

    P.S. I just found your blog and I am your newest follower!
    I would love for you to visit my blog and follow me too

    I am off to explore the rest of your blog
    Pocket Full of Kinders