Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shapes, shapes, everywhere!

This week we've been learning all about shapes!  We have done SO MANY different activities, here is a picture adventure through a few! :)

We completed a shape book that you will find in your Friday folder!
Lily and Ella Cate are coloring their book above!

Hanna Grace and Semaj

Kadarious and Moses

Ford is reading his shape book!

Liam and Hyunie made a house using different shapes in the block center!

We made webs of each shape to hang in our classroom!

We voted on our favorite shape!
Which one won?

We made shape collages for our Math Journal.
Kadarious and Autumn


Liam and Peter

This week we also worked to complete our first class big book.  We adapted our own version of Dayle Ann Dodd's The Shape of Things.  Above Ella Cate is painting the border to our pages.
The book isn't quite finished yet, I will post pictures when we are done!

Grace and Emily drew and colored the cover of our book!

Happy shape hunting!

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