Friday, October 8, 2010


Thursday morning when we arrived at school we discovered a catastrope in the science center!  The top of the hamsters cage was taken off, the snacks were on the floor, and other things had been moved on our counter!  But the worst part of it all--OUR HAMSTERS WERE MISSING!  There was a small trail of hamster evidence in the closet between Mrs. Rahe's room and ours, and in her room we found some rice in the floor.  We looked EVERYWHERE!  Sadly, we could not find them. 

As you know, our hamsters Sassy and Peter, are a part of our classroom family!  We love them so very much!  The kids are so upset!  This happened once before last month (but only one hamster was out) and it took us a week to find Sassy.  Each day, we would set out a new food in our "traps" (buckets with stairs leading up to them) and we finally caught Sassy with peanut butter on day 7!  So, of course this time we started with peanut butter.  On Friday morning, Sassy was FOUND!!!!  She fell for the peanut butter trick yet again! 

Peter is still missing as of Friday afternoon!  The kids and I are hoping that he will fall for the for "trap" tonight! :)  We will keep you updated!
Christian building "traps" during centers!

 The steps leading up to the bucket.

We put Fruit Loops and peanut butter!

Sassy looked a bit frazzled when we found her this morning!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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