Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the season...

I am so sorry for my lack of posting this week!  This time of year, as you know, is the busiest time!  Are you ready for a week's worth of pictures!?!?!?! :)
  We are not only having so much fun with holiday activities, but we are learning SO much!
This week we started our gingerbread theme!  We've been reading two different versions of the gingerbread man each day and compare/contrasting them using a venn diagram and story maps! 
Enjoy a picture adventure from the week...

We started on Monday making our ornaments for "Coach Robert's Tree" (as they all call it) for the Holiday Program on Friday!  We used minature puzzle pieces to glue in a circle to make a wreath.  I also took their picture with a Santa hat on to go in the middle of the wreath!  I forgot to take a finished picture before sending them to the big tree, but I promise to post that tomorrow! :)
Charlesha and Liberty are glueing their pieces!

If you ever want to make this project in the future--the Dollar Tree sells the minature puzzles in 3/pack.  It only takes 1/2 pack for one wreath!

Before they are painted!

We put up our classroom Christmas tree!

We had to decorate our room so we made red and white paper chains to hang around!

On Wednesday we tasted real gingerbread men.  I just knew that we would have some friends who did not like them so I went ahead and made a pie graph.  After tasting, they ALL liked them, which defeated the purpose of the pie graph, but it's okay! :)

Thanks to Abby Mullins, who shared her gingerbread science activity, I modified it for kindergarten!  We made predictions on what would happen when the gingerbread man got wet, we experimented, and then recorded our findings!

First the gingerbread man floated.
Second he sank to the bottom.
Third he turned a little bit white.
Finally he broke into pieces.

Cooper and Zehra recording their predictions.

Amelia and Nathan

Thanks to another great teacher, Mrs. Lee, who shared her fabulous "Beginning Sound Graph" with me!  On Thursday and Friday we completed this activity by pulling an object out of Santa's hat and shading in the correct letter sound.  It looks like /d/ won!

Angel and Nathan working dilligently!

Zehra loved it!

As we all know, the month of December brings so much excitment and energy.  In order to continue our fabulous behavior in room 404, each time we receive a compliment from another teacher (even Mrs. Kimbrell) we get to add a piece of the gingerbread man's body!  Once all of the pieces have been added, we get to have a special treat (still undecided by the class, they have narrowed it down to: hot cocoa, recess movie, or lunch in a differen location--not our classroom)! :)

This is a sneak peak of one gift we are making!
And just one more sneak peak for next week...

I will post pictures from the Christmas program tomorrow! :)
Have a great evening!
Mrs. Kimbrell

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