Monday, January 24, 2011

Catfish and Homophones!

First let me start with homophones!  Last week we read all about homophones, located them, defined them, etc.  We ended the week with a chart on "Tracking Homophones!" 
Today we finished our research on catfish!  I know many of you probably think CATFISH!?!?!  As you know the children voted for them!  The sad thing is that almost ALL fish books have one small picture of a catfish, but that is it!  We did most of our research online!

We also had to see who has/has not eaten catfish before!  The kids desperately want to have a fish fry when we are all done with constructing...we will see! :)

Sweet Christian and his family brought us REAL, LIVE catfish to live in our aquarium today as well!  The kids were SO exicted to see them and our Science center has been jam-packed all day! :)
Thank you Christian!!!

We also had another very special treat--Mrs. Folmar, our assistant principal, brought us a REAL (mounted) fish to explore!  The kids LOVED it!
Thank you Mrs. Folmar!!!!

We will begin constructing our catfish and habitat tomorrow!
Have a great week!

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