Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins, Monsters, and Celebration!

What a great first week back!  Forgive me for one long blog post, I promise I will "get it together" for more frequent postings! :)

This week we did a few pumpkin experiments that the kids had not yet finished and we carved our pumpkin!
Thanks for the great pumpkin Mrs. Roberts!

J.J., Grayson and Kenzie scooping out seeds!



Charlesha, Naveah, Gabriel, and Greyson

Mary Margaret and Russell

Our finished Jack-O-Lantern!

For shared reading this week we read MONSTER books!  Here is a monster glyph we did so that I could get to know the class! :)




Mary Margaret


J.J. and Grayson

Sorry it's a little fuzzy, but this is the glyph explanation!

A few finished monsters!

Finally on Friday we had our Fall Celebration.  This is a time when the whole school gets together in the Tiger's Den to sing songs and share about what each pod is learning about!

Our class

Mrs. H.

Here is a short video of a song...

Be sure to check out the side bar of the blog (to the left) for a class picture!  We have one friend who is missing and as soon as he is here, we will update it! :)
Have a GREAT Monday! :)

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