Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving activities...

One of our Mudpie volunteers, Mrs. Ford, helped us make pumpkin pies!
Charlesha, Russ, Greyson and Mary Margaret were the first group to go!

Next up, Gabriel and Elizabeth Kate!

Autumn and Naveah rolling out their dough.

Tatum is scooping the filling into her pie.

Kenzie is cutting out her baby pumpkin dough for the crust!

We also colored a few holiday books!  Here are Gabriel and Kenzie.

After baking our pumpkin seeds, we compiled a graph!  

This week Mrs. Daniel also came for a guidance lesson.

I found a FABULOUS Thanksgiving food graph from The Alphabet Garden and we had to do it!
Here are J.J. and Autumn coloring their turkeys!


April at Chalk Talk shared this great Venn Diagram of the pilgrims and children from today!  We had so much fun (during our power outage and the storm) completing this together! :)

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food graph!  Thanks for this great FREE dowload!

Sorry I couldn't turn the picture, my link button wasn't working either! But we traced our hands, transformed them into turkeys and counted by 5's!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)


  1. I love your Favorite Thanksgiving Food graph!!!! ;) Send em my way if any of your readers want a copy! It's a freebie on my blog! =)


    1. I've updated my post with the link, when I originally did it, the link button wasn't working which I noted in the post. I apologize for not going back and giving credit! :)