Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Investigate, Explore, Discover!

Happy Tuesday!  During our Christmas break, I discovered "Sid the Science Kid!"  I absolutely love him!  It is a great show for incorporating science with kindergarten!  This sparked some ideas about our Science Center.  Lately I feel it's just "blah" and that's just not good enough!  So we are re-vamping and adding CRITTERS and activities!
My first goal was to order some tadpoles/frogs!  On Friday our special delivery arrived!  We now have our aquarium set up and our two new frog friends are happy as they can be!

Today we watched a short video clip of Sid telling us what a scientist is!  We made a list of what it means to be a scientist!  I found the cutest poster to make on Pinterest (if you aren't on it, you need to be) and we made it to hang in our classroom!

While perusing The First Grade Parade, I fell in love with her mini-scientists!  So be on the look out for those in the next few days!

Have an awesome Tuesday!


  1. I love Sid the Science Kid!!

  2. Me too, Sid the Science Kid is so much fun!!

  3. We love Sid the Science Guy. He is my go to guy. I am a new follower.

    Queen with Class

  4. I talked with Stillman and he loves the frogs! Thanks for making class so interesting for the kids.