Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a treat!

This past week I had a surprise waiting on me when I returned from the summer...a special package with a brand new pencil sharpener!  Thanks to Troy from Classroom Friendly Supplies, I am the proud owner of this little beauty...

I have to admit, I have the worst luck with pencil sharpeners.  They either break very easily, are way too loud to use in the classroom, or both!  This pencil sharpener has three great features (there are more I am sure, but these are my favorites)-
1.  It can stand to use or you can mount it (with my kinder babies, I think we'll mount!  You don't need tools to mount and it takes less than 5 minutes!
2.  You cannot over-sharpen!!!!  I must say that again, the kids cannot sharpen down to the eraser!!
3.  It is QUIET!!! :)

I am super excited to teach my kindergarteners how to use it, and I know we will just love it! :)  If you are interested in one, click HERE!  The best part is, Classroom Friendly Supplies is owned and operated by a teacher!

Thanks again to Troy for letting me test out his super fun and super easy pencil sharpener!

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