Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adventures in Jellyfish Part I

Happy Wednesday!  Last week we began learning ALL about jellyfish!  We've read many books, researched online, made a KWL chart, and began our construction!  The children first voted to make individual jellyfish to hang in our classroom.  After they were completed and hanging, they realized they were too small and too fragile to label the parts.  So we are currently in the process of making a GIANT jellyfish to label the body parts.

The small jellyfish are hanging in our classroom for you to see, and the giant jelly will be in the gallery (long hallway) for you to enjoy!  Here are a few pictures (remember this is only part 1, there will be part 2 and maybe part 3)!

Liam chose dark blue for his jelly.

Lily chose pink!




Hyunie and Grace

Hanging in the classroom.
The tulle is water!

Another view

The water is a bit hard to see, but it is very cute in person!

In preparation for our big jellyfish, we had to choose the type we wanted to create.  As you can see, the Pacific Sea Nettle Jelly won!  We found that the sea nettle can be 3 feet in diameter with up to 15 foot tentacles!!!  Below you will see day 1 of construction!

Grace is working on the body.
Emily, Lily and Ella Cate are working on tentacles.

Ford and Peter are also working on the body.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love this idea! I can't wait to do this when I teach my sea unit. Thanks for the idea.