Thursday, April 4, 2013

Green Pod Math Night

I hope you were able to attend our Green Pod Math Night last night!  It was a huge success!  Here are a few pictures...

This was a copy of the handout we gave...

As you entered.

Hyunie and family

Gates and Mom

Mrs. Perry

Semaj and Mom

Emily and Liam

Ford and Mom

Za'Marian made her die.

Emily and Mom (and Za'Marian too)

When you first came in, you got to guess how many frogs were in the jar!

And the winner was...

Our very own, FORD!!!!!  He guess 64 and was correct!!!

Peter and Mom

Avery and Mom

We had 6 different stations set up!

Hunter and Mom

Emily was working hard on her "Math About Me!"

Gates making Tug of War!

Thanks for your participation!!!!! :)
With my best,

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