Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walk About Puppets!!!!!!!

Tuesday we had the opportunity to attend the BEST puppet show EVER!   Many of you know Mr. Bob Parsons from Walk About Puppets, here in Opelika!  He visited the school to share Goldilocks and the Three Bears with us, and it was a real treat!  Here is a giant picture adventure (with a few videos too)...

Mrs. Sartain introducing Mr. Bob

He is so funny!

He talked to us about American Sign Language and how he incorporates it into his shows!  

Storytime at 11:00!

I think his book might be too small! :)

This one might be too heavy?

He CREATED this pop-up book, along with each of his puppets, ALL BY HIMSELF!!!  AWESOME!

It truly is unbelievable! 
There is baby bear!

We had front row seats!!!!!

I tried to get laughing pictures, but my camera was being a bit slow! :)

They were either mesmerized or laughing hysterically!



All of the puppets together!

After the show, Mr. Bob took questions from the audience!   
We found out he is a fireman, a puppeteer, AND he is from Australia!  WOW!

Showing us how he made the bear puppets.

Showing us how he made Goldilocks.  Carving her from a piece of wood!

What an awesome morning we had!  A HUGE thanks to Mr. Bob for making the puppet show so special! :)

With my best,

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