Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ABC days (catch up) and Hippo Construction!

Good morning!  Blogger has kept me locked out for a few days so I apologize for not posting and using this post to play catch up!

Monday was "J" jumprope day!  Here are a few of our friends...



Elizabeth Kate




Charlesha was the winner with 65 jumps (we had to stop her---she could have kept going)!

Yesterday was "K" kindness day!  If Mrs. Kimbrell caught you doing an act of kindness, you received a special certificate!  Here are our KIND friends...

Last but not least, we finished our hippo yesterday!!!!
We still have labels and facts to write, but construction is complete!

Hippo Construction

After we painted, we added the ears.

E.K. and M.M. are adding eyes, nostrils, and hair!

Naveah, Kenzie and Charlesha measured out how big we could make the water.  We visited the library to measure out how many inches we could fit in the laminator (to make our water shiny)!

Greyson W. and Andy cut out the water puddle.

Andy and Gabriel

The boys cut out leaves to cover the hippo!

The girls taped on the leaves.
She's poking her head out of the water!!  

Happy Wednesday!
With my best,

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