Friday, November 9, 2012

Election 2012

This week and last week we've spent a lot of time learning about our president, what presidents do, elections, etc.  We began our voting process by voting (secret ballot) for our favorite team:  Auburn or Alabama.  This not only helped us begin to learn about the voting process but we were getting ready for Tailgate Day!
Our ballot





Ella Cate

The kids HAD to use our old Toy Story Kleenex box as our ballot box! :)

In preparation for voting in Mrs. Anderson's (Title I teacher) room for our school-wide election, as well as our class election, we made Alabama Voter ID cards!  
The kids filled out their full name, address, birthday, phone number, weight, etc!

Here we are all lined up to do our school-wide vote!

Ford and Grace were the ballot helpers.  
Sadly my camera is not letting me get the rest of the pictures off right now!  If I can retrieve them, you will see another posting!

President Obama won our school-wide election as well as our class election.
For our class the vote was 10 to 8.

I hope you were able to take your child to vote with you!  It is never too early to learn the voting process! 

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