Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Meal!

Last week was our annual Holiday Meal for parents!  Thanks to all who attended!  The kids were so excited! :)  Here are a few pictures...

We took up THREE big tables!  I love it!

Hunter and mom

Ford and dad

Judah and mom

Peter and mom and dad

Riley with mom and brothers

Hannah Grace and family

Grace with mom and dad

Hyunie and mom

Semaj and Za'Marian

Kadarious and Jack

Skyler and Zyon

Avery and dad

Emily and mom

Liam and dad

Ella Cate with mom and sister

Lily with mom and sister

And my baby! :)

We had a great lunch together!
Don't forget I will be posting pictures/videos of our Thanksgiving lunch today (later)!

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