Friday, November 16, 2012

The Water Cycle

Last week we learned ALL about the Water Cycle!  The kids really grasped the concept and even those difficult vocabulary words!  We constructed a diagram to hang in our classroom, filled in a diagram for our fact book and made water cycle bracelets!  Check it all out...
Hyunie cut the cloud for condensation.

Kadarious stuffed the clouds.

Grace helped make the sun.

Avery helped stuff the sun.

Moses cut out triangles for the sun's rays.

Emily worked on raindrops.

Lily helped with the raindrops.

Hunter helped stuff the raindrops.

They are so proud!

The evaporation crew came up with this shiny, twirly fabric we had out in the pod! 

Hanging up (without labels)

Avery is stringing her water cycle bracelet.


We strung the beads and made a sheet to represent each color to go in our fact book!

Close up of condensation and precipitation.

Close up of the sun.

Close up of evaporation.

Close up of accumulation!

Our diagram for our fact book!

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