Monday, April 16, 2012

ABC days of kindergarten!

Can you believe we only have 26 days of kindergarten left!?!?!?!  Just in case you lose your sheet, here are our ABC days!  Thanks for all the ABC books for today to kick it off,  I am super impressed! :)

ABC Days
April 16:         A-We will kick off the ABC days with alphabet books!  
April 17:         B-Bring your favorite book to read at school!
April 18:         C-Crazy Hair Day
April 19:         D-Donut Day (we will have donuts for snack)
April 23:         E-Earth Day Celebration (be sure to send in your litter bugs by today)
April 24:         F-Favorite “thing” day (small enough for backpack)
April 25:         G-Go on a field trip day (to see the play Cinderella)
April 26:         H-Hat Day (wear a hat to school)
April 27:         I-Ice Cream Day
April 30:         J-Jump Rope Contest Day
May 1:             K-Kindness Day (rewards for acts of kindness)
May 2:            L-Lollipop Day
May 3:            M-Mismatched Day (wear clothes/socks/shoes that do not match)
May 4:            N-Nature Walk Day
May 7:            O-Opposite Day (wear clothes inside-out, different socks, etc.)
May 8:             P-Teddy Bear Picnic Lunch (please bring in a teddy bear)
May 9:            Q-Quiet (We’re watching a movie) Day
May 10:           R-Read Outside Day
May 11:           S-Summer Birthday Celebration Day (please email me)
May 14:          T-Take a trip to 1st Grade Day
May 15:          U-Unusual Talent Day (we will have a talent show)
May 16:          V-Video Day (we will watch an educational video)
May 17:          W-Wash our tables (with SHAVING CREAM) Day
May 18:          X-EXCITING Surprise Day
May 21:          Y-Year End Party Day (parent breakfast)
May 22:          Z-ZOOM out of school Day

Have a marvelous Monday!

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