Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are you ready for a week-long post!?!?!

Short weeks always get me!  We are out tomorrow and it's throwing me for a loop!  I try to get so much into a four day week!  Here is our week-long post!  So sorry!  But we've been up to so much this week, you have to check it out!

As you know we are conducting our Eric Carle author study!  I hope you will visit his website at home...

On Monday we made our own caterpillars using balloons!  

Greyson and Naveah 

Some of them after painting.

After they dried we added the extra features.
Tatum and J.J.

Gabriel is an amazing artist and here is his finished caterpillar!   You would think it was Eric Carle's!!

Hippo Construction
We are hard at work building our hippopotamus!  Here is our construction crew working...
Elizabeth Kate drew a picture of a hippo for the construction crew to look at!

Grayson made the ears.

Jackson cut out half of the head.

R.J. crumbled up paper to stuff it with.

Autumn also crumbled!


The painting crew worked diligently to create the perfect shade of gray!

Tatum painting.

ABC Days of Kindergarten!
On Monday we began our ABC days of kindergarten (see previous post)!  Here are a few pictures!

A Day-bring an ABC book to kick off our adventure!

B Day-Bring your favorite book to share with the class!

C Day- Crazy Hair Day/Cow Visit!
The Mobile Dairy came for a visit with Petunia the cow!  We learned all about how she makes milk!  We even got to see it happen! :)

Look at their "crazy" hair...

Russ wins the prize!

Aren't they precious! :)

Have a WONDERFUL three day weekend! :)

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