Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"G" Go on a field trip day!

Today was our Cinderella field trip at the high school!  It was GREAT!  Here are a few pictures!

Here we are waiting for the office to call to load the bus!

On the bus!

Waiting outside!

I took this picture BEFORE they said don't take any! :(  So sorry! 


We are stretching!

They did remarkably well!

After the play, the actors walked down the isle and we got to shake their hands!!!!  This is Prince Charming!

The Queen and Stepmother

Two of the ladies at the ball!

I can't remember his name, but this is the character who tried the glass slipper on everyone!

The Fairy Godfather!!

It was such a great play!  I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy it this weekend!!!

Don't forget tomorrow is HAT day! :)
With my best,

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