Friday, January 4, 2013

AHS Aquatics Lab

We had the AMAZING privilege to visit the Auburn High School's Aquatics Lab.  This program is beyond amazing!  They have an actual aquarium set up that you can visit!  We learned SO MUCH!  Here is a picture adventure...
Almost ALL of our kiddos have never been on a real school bus, so the ride over was a treat!

The high school students (a.k.a. our teachers) were ready for us when we arrived!
Love the banner!

Mr. Arrington talking to us before our tour began.  He is the teacher in charge of the amazing lab!

We stopped outside the greenhouse to go over the rules.  

The big blue tanks have tilapia in them!

I sure wish our classroom tank had PINK rocks! 

We are learning how to test the pH levels of a tank.  After he demonstrated, each child got to test!

When we got back, we were so pumped up and excited to learn more about our theme, "Water, Water, Everywhere!"  

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