Friday, January 4, 2013

Are you ready?

My SD drive is working!!!!!  Are you ready for some postings???
Here we go!

Here is what we were up to during Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Lunch
In November we had our family meals!  Here are a few pictures of that great event...
Moses and dad (I missed y'all close up)

 Hunter and mom
Ford and dad

Judah and mom

Peter and family

Hannah Grace and family

Riley and family

Grace and family

Hyunie and mom

Semaj and Za'Marian

Kadarious and Jack

Skyler and Zyon

Avery and dad

Emily and mom

Ella Cate with mom and sister

Liam and dad

Lily with mom and sister

And my baby got to come join with me! :)

Thanksgiving Class lunch...
We had a wonderful time preparing and having our classroom Thanksgiving lunch.  We made placemats, set the table, made hats (either Native American headdress' or Pilgrim hats) and we borrowed the school's fancy white table linens!  Before we ate, we all went around and said something we are thankful for!  It was precious!

Thank you to all who sent in "fancy napkins, silverware, and plates!"

Our placemat, they even wrote something they were thankful for in the middle!

Za'Marian is setting her spot.

Ella Cate and Lily went around and double-checked and helped out if someone forgot something!

On our way to pick up our lunches!

Look at those cuties!

Lily and Ella Cate

Hannah Grace and Riley

Za'Marian and Skyler

Mrs. Linda and Semaj

Hyunie and Judah

Peter and Moses

Hunter and Ford

Emily and Grace

I've had a parent ask why I am never on the blog!  First of all you get pictures like this where my eyes are closed, and I am much better BEHIND the camera! :)

They are SO CUTE!!!!

Thanksgiving Activities...
To get ready for Thanksgiving, we completed a turkey glyph, turkey sight word coloring sheet and an emergent reader...


Emily and Grace

Liam and Lily

Jack and Semaj

Za'Marian and Ford

Hanging in our classroom!

Hannah Grace




Silly faces

Hannah Grace




Kadarious, Avery and Riley

I am so excited to post all the fun we've had!  Next up, our field trip to the Aquatics Lab!!!

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