Friday, January 4, 2013

During the month of December we had A LOT going on! Here is our month in review, picture style!

We completed our reindeer glyph!  I think it was our best yet!

Ford and Hunter

Emily and Moses

Hyunie and Judah

Just a few fun pictures before lunch one day!


Judah and Moses

The green rectangle table!

Polar Express Day
For Polar Express day we wore our pajamas and went to the Tiger Den for a special showing of the movie!
Here we are all lined up ready for the conductor to pick us up!

There he is!

Reindeer Food...

Ford and Ella Cate

Oatmeal, white sugar, and the magical and green sugar crystals.

I hope you sprinkled this on your lawn on Christmas Eve!

Gingerbread Holiday Party
For our holiday party, we decorated gingerbread houses.  Thank you SO MUCH for each and every item sent in.  Without you, we could not do these activities!  We also had a great turn out!

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday break!  We are so excited to be back in school! 
With my best,

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