Thursday, January 24, 2013

The 100th Day of KINDERGARTEN!

Wednesday, was our 100th day of kindergarten!  Here are some of our activities...

E.C. and her bubble gum machine!


They are so cute hanging in our room!



Here is our math sheet they counted out their fruit loops on!

Gates is making her hat!

Maria, Grace and Peter are stringing their fruit loops!

Skyler and Emily are making their 100 pictures.


Mrs. Gilmore's rotation, reading and beanbag toss!

Counting those fruit loops! 
They are listening so sweetly!




We had a few friends check out and a few out in small group--but we had to take a picture before the bell rang!  So we aren't all here. :(

Mrs. Gilmore's class is the "1", Mrs. E. Jones' class is the first "0" and we are the last "0!"  It turned out so cute!  I love it! :)

Happy 100th day!

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