Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Author Visit--Michael Shoulders...

Today we had a VERY special treat!  Visiting author, Michael Shoulders, came to AEEC!  We were able to go to the Tiger's Den for his amazing performance!  I hope you enjoy the videos--I can tell you he is the BEST author we've had at AEEC thus far!!!
Also, you can check out his website: http://michaelshoulders.com/.
Our sweet class waiting patiently.

Sorry it's hard to see, but this is a picture of all of the books Mr. Shoulders has written.

Michael Shoulders

He was quite entertaining!

He performed a magic trick (see video below).

I learned something very interesting and new.  Every book (and magazine) is printed on one large piece of paper, and then cut!

He even let a friend in Blue pod dress up!

He "rapped" a song for us at the end!

You absolutely MUST watch the videos just to get a glimpse of what a great time we had!

The magic trick!

Where is Mr. Shoulders from?

Explaining how books are printed on one large piece of paper and then cut up.

Too funny!

Our rap song!  You can also hear it on his website!

We had a great time!  Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  1. Wow what a wonderful experience. How did you get him to vistit? I woul LIVE for him to visit my school.

    Ms. M

  2. WOW...what a great memory! Thanks a ton for posting this. I'm honored!