Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Activities!

This week we have been getting ready for Valentine's Day!  Check out some of the fun things we are doing (more to come)!
We started with our Valentine Bear Glyph.  This is the most extensive glyph we've done thus far!

Cooper and Quin


Mrs. McGuire also came on Monday to help us decorate our Valentine boxes! 

Madeline, Akaylin, and Ally


On Tuesday we began our "Sweetheart Candy Graph."  We have to color in the hearts (remembering our sight words) and then graph them!

Meet our Heart People!
For this activity we focused on cutting skills!  They had to cut out ALL of the body parts! 

We are going to estimate how many candy hearts are in the container. 
The person who gets the closest gets to have them!

I found this precious book on a fellow teachers' blog and had to borrow it!
We compiled our pages and made a precious class book!

Happy Early Valentine's Day!

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