Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As you know our next animal to learn about is OWLS!  When we voted last (between fish and owls) there was only 1 vote separating them.  I am super excited about this theme because unlike catfish there are TONS of resources!!!  We have only been learning about them for two days and we've already learned SO MUCH! :)  Check it out...
This is our CAN HAVE ARE chart!  After we read our book each day we fill in the
new facts we've learned!

We decided to learn about ALL owls but when it is time for construction,
we will MAKE a Barn Owl! :)

On Tuesday we watched these GREAT owl videos!  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Cute! Deanna Jump has a really cute unit on Teachers Pay Teachers for kindergarten! :) http://mrsjumpsclass.blogspot.com/2010/11/fun-with-owls.html