Monday, February 28, 2011

Classroom Check-Out Library

Today I introduced a new center in the classroom.  Our "Classroom Check-Out Library" will have it's Grand Opening tomorrow!  This center is designed only to increase self-motivation to read independently and to encourage the love of reading! Your child has a plastic purple folder with them today.  It will tell you all about this new center.  Please be sure to look over it carefully and make sure you "sign" for their book each night (or however long you would like to keep your book)!  Once your child "reads" 30 books, they will get a special certificate!  It may take you until the end of the year to read 30, or it may take you only 30 school days--it doesn't matter.  The end result I hope will be the inspiration of reading!

The "purple folder!"

Inside left pocket--this is where the signature page is for you to sign for each book.

The inside right pocket holds your child's book each day and some helpful reading tips!

Close up of the signature page.

This is the chart where your child will put the pink ticket from their book, into their pocket.  So that we know who has what book at all times! :)

Close up of the pockets!

Book Return Basket

The books are easy readers.  There are four different categories...

Scott Foresman, Listen to Me Readers

Sunshine Readers (these will be the longest books)

Scott Foresman Independent Leveled Readers
(Your child will not need to choose based on their reading level--remember this is purely for enjoyment)

Our simplest books--Earobics ABC readers

Akaylin and Amelia checking out their FIRST book!

Cooper is trying to decide what his first book will be! :)

Happy Reading!


  1. What a wonderful system.

    Ms. M

  2. Love it!! :) :)