Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ABC Days (M-P) and our Kindergarten Memory Book...

ABC Days M-P
Last Thursday was our "M" day-Mismatched clothes/shoes!  The kids were too cute!
Amelia, Madeline, Olivia, Abby

Rosie, Brenden, Pierce, Andy

I was not here on Friday for our "N" Nature Walk Day (Mr. Kimbrell graduated with his MBA from Troy).

On Monday we had "O" Outdoor Day...we had a special lunch outside...

And today was "P" Picnic Lunch Day!  Since so many of our friends seemed miserable in the heat of yesterday's outdoor lunch, we voted to have our picnic indoors! :)

Kindergarten Memory Book

Today we began our Kindergarten Memory Book!  The kids were SO into it, we got through 6 pages!  Normally we will just do two per day during our "rest time."  Here is a little peak...

The pages that we complete are:
Draw a picture of our class.
My name is ____.  I am __ years old.  Here is a picture of me...
My teacher's name is ______.  Here is a picture of her.
I like to play with ______.
My favorite center in kindergarten was _____.
And many, many more! :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your site is terrific and I love your clip art!
    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  2. Do you have more information somewhere about what you put in your kindergarten memory book? I would've to hear more about it, an do one with my class!

  3. Hi Mrs. Kimbrell, I was wondering if you would share with me more of the pages you do in your Kindergarten Memory Book. I would like to do one for Open House. Thank you! (mogauthier@beardsley.k12.ca.us)