Monday, May 2, 2011

Town Creek Park Field Trip...

I am a little excited that I learned something new--photo collages!  Since I tend to take at least 100 pictures per station, this turned out to be perfect! :)  I hope you enjoy seeing all of our stations at Town Creek Park!

For Station 1 we had a volunteer from the Red Cross bring her therapy dog Rosie!  Rosie was deaf, however she knew sign language!  We got to pet Rosie and learn all of her commands.
Tiger Town Vet Clinic was also at Station 1.  They showed us how to properly take care of our pets and all of the supplies you need!

Station 2 was our scavenger hunt.  Each child had a card that contained all of the plants and animals found at TCP.  When they found an animal or plant they would circle or check off that picture!

For Station 3, we had some special student visitors from Wrights Mill Road Elementary!  Each child had a buddy to read to! 

For Station 4 we completed "Our Big Backyard" book!  Each page asked a different question such as "What is your favorite backyard animal?  What do you like to do outside?" etc.  They had to write and illustrate each page.  After they finished their book they had a hot dog/juice snack!

Our last station was Exercise!  Coach Robert graciously volunteered his time to come over and have a training camp full of outdoor fun!

We had an AMAZING time!  The weather could not have been better!  Thank you to all who volunteered to chaperone and make this such a special day!

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