Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jump Rope Day, Syllables and PTA Performance...

How do you like the title! :)  Three things that couldn't be farther from one another!  Gotta love it!
On Monday night, we had our last PTA meeting of the year and our sweet pod performed!  Here are a few pictures of their PRECIOUS performance!

Thank you to all who came!  You did an amazing job!

This week I've been completing our last round of kindergarten checklist assessments.  Since I finished early I through in an activity I found from my favorite new blog Kindergarten Crayons!  I thought it was going to be a very difficult skill to cover since we are so focused on counting each individual sound...however a lot of them really understood!  It was a great first grade warm up activity!

This is a flip-type book.  You lift up each flap and under it you glue the pictures with the corresponding syllables.

Pierce and Cooper

Too funny--she said, "Mrs. Kimbrell, are you taking pictures of this to go on our blog?"  I said "I sure am" and she said "let me pose first!"  LOVE IT!



Jump rope contest!
Tuesday we had our jump rope contest!

Madeline was in second place with 16!




The big winner, Amelia with 27 jumps!

Happy Wednesday!

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