Monday, May 2, 2011

A very random post...

Last week, our internet was down, so I was unable to post all of the fun things we did during the week! Get ready for a random, modge-podge posting! :)

On Wednesday, we received a surprise, LADYBUGS!  We weren't supposed to be able to get them this year, the company was having a shortage.  But we are super excited!

They are in the larvae stage, they will move into the pupa and then the adult stages soon!  We are doing a mini-study on them!

Wednesday was also Miss Thomas' last day with us.  We miss her already!

"G" Game Day
Wednesday was also G day-the kids brought in their favorite board games to play during centers and rest time!

Rosie, Amelia and Olivia

Levi and Brenden

Abby and Ally

Ladybug Addition
Thanks to a great blogging friend, we played a ladybug addition game!  This was a great introduction into addition problems (in this format)!

Angel and Liberty

Olivia and Ally

Amelia and Andy

"H" Hat Day
Thursday was Hat day!  Here are our friends in their hats!

"I" Icecream Day
After our field trip on Friday, we made homemade rock-salt ice cream!  I was a little nervous, I'd never done it before, but it turned out great!  The kids got to make their own, add sprinkles, and enjoy!



Christian, Pierce, or Brenden (hehe)

Friday was also Miss Craig's last day with us!  We miss you so much Miss Craig!

Opening her present from the class.

A group hug before we go!

Happy Monday!


  1. Cute ideas! Where did you find the recipe for ice cream and where do you order lady bugs from? I am moving to K next year and love the ideas!

  2. Just wanted to share...I did the ladybug addition with my kiddos too! I made ladybugs out of small red paper plates and by gluing and cutting larger black ones underneath. I then had them use black beans as the ladybugs spots. I gave them the problems written out already, and then they figured out the answer by placing the first part of the problem on one wing and the second part of the problem on the other wing, then added them together by counting. Thought you may enjoy trying that! :)