Friday, May 13, 2011

End of the year Motor Skills Program...

Today was our end of the year Motor Skills Program!  The kids did an amazing job!  I hope you were able to be there!  If not, here are some pictures...

Getting ready!

Sorry some of my pictures are a bit fuzzy, my camera does not like the Tiger Den's lighting!

Our big moment!

They sang "ABC Rock!"

Too cute!

Take a bow!


This song is our school song, and ALWAYS makes me cry!
So I apologize for not getting the whole song!! :)

Today was also "S" Sunglasses Day!

Liberty, Angel and Cooper!

Happy Friday!  Don't forget Monday is our 1st Grade Field Trip!

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  1. I just found your blog this evening and it is now almost midnight. I just finished looking through your site. fabulous! I love the pictures and video clips, as well as, the activities I saw. Thank you so much for sharing your stuff. I love your site!