Thursday, March 31, 2011

AU Raptor Center...

Today was the BIG DAY!  AU Raptor Center visited the Green Pod!  The kids were so excited!  I was a little worried that they would not bring an owl (which is what we just learned about).  I knew they had in the past, but you just never know.  Luckily, they brought THREE owls, a falcon, a hawk, and Tiger the golden eagle!   Words cannot express the looks on their faces when they saw each owl...PRICELESS!  Here is our picture and video adventure...

The Screech Owl

They loved the fact that he wasn't a baby--he was full grown!

He made a "crying" sound!

The Barn Owl

The Barred Owl

The Falcon
They are still talking about his "tiny hat!"

Red-Tailed Hawk

This special bird had an injury.  He was missing one of his eyes.

Tiger, the Golden Eagle

Even though she is HUGE, she only weighs 10 pounds!




I love our class picture in front of the van...

Happy Thursday!

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