Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Part II...

We've had a wonderful week working on St. Patrick's Day activities!  Here are some pictures of our adventures...

We "illustrated" a leprechaun book!

Liberty and Levi

Amelia and Cooper

We completed a Lucky Charm graph!

Andy and Charlesha



On Friday we made Leprechaun Punch!  Topped with rainbow sprinkles! It was YUMMY!

Liberty loved it!

Nathan was hesitate at first!  Angel thought it was so good!

Olivia wasn't quite sure! :)

Finally to end our day in centers we all got to play a Clover Nonsense Word game!

Cooper was so lucky!  He kept drawing the "lucky clovers" which meant you get TWO turns!

Christian and Akaylin

We hope you are having a wonderful Friday! :)

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